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  • Price: 16000.00 £
  • Investment Type: Investment
  • Bedrooms: N/A
  • Bathrooms: N/A
  • Reference: Paulownia
  • SIPP: No

 Created to exploit market demand for timber and with an expert team of agricultural, energy, environmental and forestry professionals, European leaders and pioneers in paulownia timber plantations across Europe, we offer an unrivalled support framework.

Timber demand far exceeds supply in countries like Spain with the deficit made up by imports.  With such favourable market conditions we are highly focussed on generating increased paulownia timber production and exploiting these exciting market opportunities.  Together with our investors we seek to mutually benefit from this new and fast growing timber supply chain.
So what do we offer an investor?  We offer new or mature, professionally managed paulownia plantations. We facilitate timber investment in a flexible way.  We source land and provide a complete management service including land preparation, irrigation, planting and full care of the plantation through to cropping and delivery to timber processors. The investor can select a plan to suit their appetite: the size of the plantation; number of trees; duration of investment and whether to buy or rent the land.
 Although paulownia grows in many areas around the world not all paulownia is the same or suitable for every set of environmental conditions.  Our biological and agro science advisors have successfully produced and patented a trademark protected variety, 8 years in development, which by far outperforms any other paulownia variety that grows within our European weather and climate conditions.  Our patented paulownia clone is cultivated for excellent timber quality to enhance its value as a quality timber investment. 
To further enhance value and guarantee provenance our paulownia is uniquely to be certificated with a Quality Timber Certificate (QWF) regulated by the European Union Ministry of Agriculture. 
We have the fast growing, superior quality paulownia variety that will command premium prices in the marketplace and maximise a profitable exit strategy.
During the past few years the paulownia initiative has been building, studying, testing and experimenting with innovative new products through the good work of members of the European Paulownia Networkââ€ΕΎÂ¢ including research institutions, universities and some of the largest timber merchants within the European timber marketplace.  All agree that paulownia timber has great advantages not just to supply common timber products but to outperform and innovate due to quick growth, strength, light weight and high temperature resistance.
One of these exciting new products is epitomised by the world renowned ski brand, Rossignol’s Soul7 skies, incorporating a lightweight paulownia core which reduced weight by 20% for easier touring, enhanced agility and ultra-light swing weight. It was ISPO awarded as 2013 best and most innovative new product being introduced around the world. There is strong demand from the skiing, water sports and marine industries for paulowna timber.
Other examples include building bricks made of 60% paulownia powder resulting in reduced brick weight and a significant reduction in transport costs.  Amazing new applications are being developed using bactericidal nanoparticle coverings to make paulownia based, lightweight, bacteria resistant furniture for the kitchen industry and bacteria prevalent areas such as hospitals and nurseries. 
These are just a few reasons why it is our mission to supply and develop the lucrative and interesting potential of paulownia timber.
 All of our timber plantations are carefully managed, controlled and supervised by an expert technical team of agro scientist advisors, biologists and forestry professionals with many years of experience.  In addition to successfully establishing more than 500 hectares of paulownia plantation in Spain, Romania, Italy and South America, they have managed and been directly responsible for thousands of hectares of vineyards, almonds, olives and many other agricultural projects over the last 30 years.
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