Purchase Gold And Receive Fixed Returns Of 24% Per Annum

  • Investment Type: Investment
  • Bedrooms: N/A
  • Bathrooms: N/A

Gold Prices in January 2020 were: £35,000 per Kilo Gram

Gold Prices in March 18th 2020 are: £41,430 per Kilo Gram

Gold prices post a 5th straight gain to extend rise above $1,600


Purchase a Gold Bar for £38,000 per Kilo and receive fixed returns of 2% per month or 24% per annum.

Higher returns are available on larger Gold purchases.

Purchase Gold Bars after the Gold has been Tested by the Assay Office in Birmingham and Purity of the Gold certified: https://theassayoffice.com/

The Gold Bars are shipped directly to the Assay Office in Birmingham: https://theassayoffice.com/

No payments required in advance until the Gold Bars have been Tested by the Assay Office.

The Gold Bars are Tested and Certificate issued confirming the Purity of the Gold Bars.

The buyer then purchases the Gold Bars and instructs the Assay Office to re-smelt the Gold and the Stamp it with their Hallmark.

­­­­­Once the Gold Bars are Stamped with the Assay Hallmark they can then be sold to Bullion Dealers for LBMA less 4% discount.

All costs covered by our company for the Assay Report, smelting and Hallmark Stamp.

The buyback is 102% of the original cost of the Gold Bars giving buyers a net return of 2% per month.

Buyers can exit after 30-day trade or roll over again for another trade to gain another 2% per month.

Higher returns available for Larger Gold Purchases.

180-Days Trade Credit Terms available subject to receiving a Bill of Exchange with acceptable Bank Aval.

LMBA Price: £42,434.65 per Kilo Gram

Trade Discounted Price: £38,000 per Kilo Gram

Buy and Sell Gold: -

  • Minimum Gold purchase £38,000 per Kilo Gram X 2% per month £760.00 X 12-months = £9,120 per annum
  • Net profit per 30-day trade:
  • 180-days trade credit terms available via a confirmed Bill of Exchange with an Approved Bank Aval.
  • Capital return in full within 30-days.
  • Option to roll over as many times as you like.
  • Fixed Net Returns of 2% per month.
  • Higher returns available on larger Gold Purchases.

Example of Investment:

  • Minimum purchase level: £38,000 per Kilo Gram.
  • Capital paid back within 30-days.
  • Option to roll over again for another 2% per month.
  • 24% per annum on £38,000 Gold Purchase


Please email me any questions on the above Gold Purchase.

Email: markroberts@bestoverseaspropertyinvestments.com 

WhatsApp: +(44)7435969456

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